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Connected, collaborative, easy

Sharemat is a new way to manage your equipement fleet. It’s not only an app, but a connected collaborative app:

  • Inside your company, with your partners : owners, service providers, partners are working together
  • Connected to every equipment through the Sharemat Box, updating data every 30 minutes
  • So easy that you will open it to all your teams

Sharemat Fleet provide you all the information you need through multiple dashboards:

  • Equipment lists to follow maintenances, controls, geolocation
  • Alerts on due dates controls and maintenance
  • Work hours Statistics and reporting

Telematics & AEMP

You can add equipements with telematics (or not), Sharemat Fleet includes the main providers from manufacturers and IoT providers (more to come 🙂

  • Connected to Fleet instantly
  • Start adding information to get an accurate fleet overview

Dedicated account manager

  • Onboarding sessions
  • Online support
  • Not have enough time ? Send us all you reports, files and we will add all data to Sharemat Fleet

Customizable alerts

Sharemat Fleet turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read. It allows you to to support better business decisions.

Sharemat also provides you specific alerts:

  • Next maintenances, technical controls
  • Unused equipment in stats or anormal use
  • End of warranty
  • Geofencing

Mobile apps

We offer Android & iOS apps to maintenance technicians:

  • All fleet information
  • Sync equipment documents on planned operations
  • Offline access & forms