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Your digitised equipment fleet

Digitising an equipment fleet provides access to up-to-date information and data for all players: users, workshop, customers, etc. Everyone takes faster decisions on the fleet use.

Create the digital image of your physical hardware

  • The Digital Twin is first of all a digital profile of the equipment with its characteristics, its documents and maintenance plan. If you are a dealer, you deliver it with the physical equipment.

  • You bring the Digital Twin to life by connecting real-time data from your equipment. You do this by using the OEM telematic or by using external telematic wired to the equipment.

  • Your entire fleet is digitisedregardless of the brand, model, type and age of the equipment.


  • You are ready to manage your fleet based on the information available and shared among all equipment users.

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Organise relationships


  • To optimise usage of an equipment fleet, you need access to its information. Each stakeholder: the owner of the equipment, the maintenance managers, the operators, access and provide the information in the same solution.


  • Less emails sent ensure that documents are always up-to-date and available for all. It gives a simple visualisation of current and future dispatch of the fleet, and lets you decide more quickly on its use.


  • Saving time means bringing more peace of mind to your teams, better managing your resources and increasing your margin.


  • Deciding quickly means saving days of production, increasing your turnover or producing better with less equipment.

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