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Manage your equipment fleet with intuitive alerts

You want to keep control over the activity of your fleet through easy-to-set alerts, to improve the productivity and safety of your sites. ShareMat can help you !

Manage your alerts simply !

The interface offered to manage your alerts in ShareMat is clear and minimalist. It contains all the needs of the fleet, operations or workshop manager, while maintaining an open and easy-to-use interface. 

To name just a few key features of the Alerts Dashboard: 

  • Access to modifying and deleting alerts
  • Activation/deactivation of alerts
  • Filter alerts
  • Sorting columns

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And create them intuitively !

There are already 14 different alerts to configure !

These alerts include :

  • Non-use of equipment,
  • Maintenance or periodic checks to be carried out,
  • End of warranty,
  • Equipment use outside of time slots,
  • End of assignment to a construction site.
  • Let yourself be guided and simply create your alerts.

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    More advanced alerts, for more security !

    ShareMat brings innovation closer to the expectations of professionals, through particularly relevant alerts to detect abnormal use of equipment.

    The exit zone alert, for example :

    It allows, from an address and a defined perimeter, to alert of the unusual use of a material, outside this area. The user draws an area on a map and is alerted if material comes out!

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    A quick demonstration ?